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Aug 10, 2011

Eat Shit Sleep

Nowadays, when people ask me how I spend my time since I no longer have a monthly salaried job, my standard reply is Eat, Shit and Sleep. All of us, human beings, need to do these 3 essential actions too. Actually, that's what only newborns do, they drink milk and immediately shit it out and then fall asleep. As we grow older, I guess we eat more solid food and as such, I guess it takes more time for our system to digest the solid food, and therefore we do not shit immediately. Also we need less sleep and this gives us time to do whatever that is necessary to look for food i.e. survive. But the fact remains that all of us need to eat, shit and sleep from the day we are born until the day we die. Actually, when we are really old, we try to eat ( with our toothless mouth), we try to shit ( when our internal muscles don't even have the strength to push the waste through our intestines ) and we can't sleep because we worry too much or may even try not to sleep as we are afraid that we will never wake up.

Come to think of it, the purpose of us having time to be awake is to go look for food i.e. work in today's modern world so that we can earn money to buy food instead of going hunting or planting crops. But, somehow along the way in our short life on earth, the search for food evolved into more than what we basically need to survive, i.e. entertainment (including accumulation of wealth) to satisfy our lust. Yes, the need to accumulate wealth can also be called lust since people get gratification out of it. That's why monks are not supposed to even wear a watch or anything that is of monetary value.

Then, there are others who get their lust satisfied by giving orders to others, which is called power. Actually, being powerful and able to order others around is a form of entertainment, too. This powerful people amuse themselves by ordering others to do tasks they otherwise would not. When things are done the way they expected, they'll be happy and take credit for it. However, when their orders are followed and the results are not what they expect, they get agitated or angry and will blame others. Just like when my children do well in school, I tell my wife they've got my brains, but if my children do something not to my liking, I will ask my wife how come she did not guide them, hahaha.

Eat - we Malaysians eat too much. I tell you, Kuala Lumpur is the food capital of Planet Earth or maybe even our Universe or Galaxy. No where on earth can you find various varieties of food that taste better. The Peking Duck in our Chinese Restaurant actually taste better that the Peking Duck in Beijing according to my taste buds. In KL, we have chefs from every corner of the world serving all kinds of delicious food i.e. American, Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Indian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Mexican, etc.  And best of all, you can eat anytime you want with the many 24 hour mamak stalls and fast food like McD and KFC. Just go around KL town at 3am in the morning and you'll find many restaurants packed with customers. Not just road-side restaurants, Concorde KL Hotel's Melting Pot Coffee House will be packed too at 2-3 am in the morning.  The only thing that I really miss is the Cream Horns that my mum used to buy at the old SS14 Jaya Supermarket when I was young or the ones in my University town in the USA. Nowadays, I just cannot find the cream horns that I love, either the cream is not fresh ( preservatives added) or the pastry is just not the right type. And to go with our food, one can also find all types of drinks here in KL too. 

What we eat will determine our well being. The food we eat today is full of toxins and that's why cancer is so common nowadays ( read my article Bosses Family Friends where I mentioned about the use of Furadan and other chemicals used by our local fruit farmers). Also, most of us take some kind of health supplements most probably because someone else recommended it to us ( MLM thingy). Well, my great grandpa did not take any health supplements and ate simple food and he lived till age 93. Now, we have so many types of anti-oxidants and anti-aging supplements. I tell you a joke, while I was in the US two years back, there was bottled coconut juice in drink dispensers where it was labelled as an energy drink.

Whenever there's a function in Malaysia, most of the time there will be food. I tell you, when I was working, every time I attended a meeting at the local government offices and even at state level, there was sure to be food served. I have to say this - those civil servants are wasting invaluable resources that is suppose to be used for community benefit instead of making their stomachs full. Sadly, the new PR Selangor State Government did not put a stop to this unnecessary practice of feeding themselves. However, I was seldom served food, but, drinks like tea and coffee maybe, at federal level meetings.

Shit - another natural action that we have to perform regularly. I tell you, many of us are fixated with our toilets. Once a person becomes rich and builds his/her own bungalow, they want a big luxurious toilet and spend a fortune on the fittings. But I can understand why the rich spends a lot on his/her toilet. They, like any other human being have to shit their entire life, so, might as well spend the money on the toilet since they cannot finish their money by eating only. And also, we are impressed with spacious toilets like the one we get at 5 Star Resort Hotels where you can also shower under the stars or over looking the open sea, hahaha.

Nowadays, we do hear of people who would purposely go and get their shit forced out i.e bowel cleansing/detoxifying. Once again, my great grandpa and great grandma never had to do such things and yet they lived till age 90 plus. Well, if you ask me, just go drink fresh milk and you'll get the same effect naturally (since most Asians are lactose intolerant). And I can tell you this, most of these people who go for frequent bowel cleansing would eventually have some kind of side effect later on as it is just not a natural thing to do. 

Sleep - another essential daily action. Having adequate sleep is extremely important to allow our body to repair or regenerate itself. When I took my Psychology 101 in the University, I learned that not having enough rest will cause our systems to go haywire and make us hallucinate. When we do not have enough sleep for several days or when we are extremely tired, we also tend to get nightmares. No kidding, the next time you have a bad dream, think back on whether you had enough rest the day before. I am sure that you have read somewhere that people who take "feng tau" pills will hallucinate and go crazy besides dying early, this is because after taking the pills, they are unable to sleep.

Coming back to the rich, besides their bathroom where they would spend a fortune, the rich also want their bedroom to be no smaller than a Studio unit, where in their bedroom you can find a section for a settee, tv, study, computer, mini fridge besides a dresser. And the wardrobe has to be a walk in as big  as the bedroom. But once again, I can understand why this is so, because the rich cannot finish his/her money by eating and making their toilet luxurious and what better way to spent away their money than to make their bedroom as comfortable as possible since we all spend a major part of our short life sleeping.


To say we work for food is not really accurate. Nowadays, it is like we work in order to have food to eat, a nice toilet to shit in and comfortable bedroom with air-conditioning to sleep in. 

Like I mentioned, what goes into our mouth will determine our well being and how our body functions. Eat the wrong food and we will suffer (like get diarrhea, read my article Gastroenteritis Spasms Jam) but also by eating the right food, we can live longer and also look younger. But eating right alone won't guarantee you'll be well off (health wise) if you don't shit and sleep which are equally essential to life.  

I read some where, long ago, that coffee is not good for us but nowadays, it is advertised as an anti-oxidant. Good for me cause I drink many cups of coffee a day while I smoke. Actually, the title of this post could easily be Smoke Coffee Tapping Sleep in my case. The first thing I do when I wake up at 6.30am is take a smoke with coffee and start tap tapping my TapFish before I send my kids to school. After I return home at around 8am, I have another cup of coffee with some bread and then smoke again before going for a nap. I would then wake up at around 10am to take another cup of coffee and a few sticks of fags and tap tapping Tap Fish again before going out or do whatever I like at home and continue smoking. At around 12-1pm I would have my lunch, followed by coffee, cigarettes and tap tapping Tap Fish until around 2.30-3pm when I would go to sleep again and wake up around 4.30pm and you would know by now I would then smoke and drink coffee and tap tapping Tap Fish. Just before dinner I would take another cup of coffee and after dinner another cup of coffee and once again before I go to bed, and of course many sticks of fags along with the coffee. As you can see, I have enough  doses of anti-oxidant to counter (neutralize) the poison that I take in when I smoke, haha, just kidding myself. I have decided to quit tap tapping Tap Fish today. Finally came to my senses that I wasted many hours tap tapping for nothing. This tap tapping Tap Fish does make time fly by quickly and also provides entertainment day and night, and that's why for the last two months I only like post once a week. By quitting Tap Fish, I've got to go find another form of entertainment like maybe exercise my whole body (most probably won't) instead of just my fingers and hopefully can post more articles in the coming weeks. But then again, by me tap tapping TapFish, I am neither disturbing nor burdening others and therefore, it is a good thing. Maybe I should just limit to tap tapping twice a day and reduce my fish tanks from 26 to 8 or 18.

Now, like I mentioned earlier, other than eating, shitting and sleeping, the other actions we do are just for entertainment, to keep us occupied before we perform any of the three mentioned essential actions. And 200 years from now and maybe even 100 years, no one will care or respect ( that includes most of our great grand children ) what you have done with your short life on earth. You can be the most powerful person or the richest person of your time but no one will care in the future. Just look at the Egyptian Pharaohs, they mummified themselves so that their bodies may be intact and build Pyramids to prevent the living from disturbing their rest; but we have learned grave diggers (archaeologist) that go dig them up and parade them in museums. All our so called achievements that we are proud off (shiok sendiri) today will not be of any significance in the next millenium.

Well, in conclusion, since the day we are born, what we do most and consistently is eating, shitting and sleeping. And after we have eaten and shitted enough, and our bodies have reached the level of maximum entertainment it can tolerate, we go to sleep for eternity.

Last but not least, below is a picture of my hard work for the last four months where I gathered more than 100,000,000 Tap Fish coins at Level 72 and my collection of sharks and other limited time collection fishes. Shiok Sendiri lah, hahaha. Guess from now on I'll be tapping less on my cheap less than RM400 small screen  Huawei Mifi Android Phone that I got with DiGi Broadband 1 year Contract and start playing Ninja Fruit on my Samsung Tab :) By the way, my Samsung Tab has no problems opening imported Excel files with the build in ThinkFree Office.

Tap Fish with my Huawei Android Mifi Phone. Tank No.8 with 137,717,178 Fish Coins and  988118 points :)

In my article Investment Wealth Retirement, I mentioned, if you love money, when you eat, shit and sleep, think of how much money you want at what stage of you life and how you are going to achieve it, and when you are not eating, shitting and sleeping, go execute your plan  :)

[Update 14 August 2011 - I was reading my favorite analyst John Mauldin's article today titled The beginning of the Endgame where he posted a link to a very interesting article by Michael Lewis titled It's The Economy, Dummkopf! about Germans and Shit. And you know what, I just caught the joke when John Mauldin signed off by writing  "Your glad god invented air conditioning analyst". Guess you better don't trust any analyst because what you'll get is shit, hahaha].

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