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Feb 13, 2012

Ass Toning Footwear

Every woman loves shoes and can't  get enough of them. I can't really understand why women need so many pairs of shoes. I have mentioned before in one of my articles that men hardly look at what shoes a woman is wearing UNLESS she is wearing a micro mini skirt and has long slender smooth legs which lead the guy's vision to the shoes (which is obstructing the guy from checking out the legs in full). Now, you ladies, if you don't understand what I just said, the guys are admiring your species' smooth long slender legs and whatever shoes you are wearing is of no significance. Even if you are wearing a RM2K shoe with diamonds, most guys will not care less and think the diamonds are fake anyway. However, if you have long slender smooth legs and wear RM2 Japanese slippers, the guys will be drooling when they see a young lady with long slender legs with mini skirts or hot pants :) 

Here is what I mean, if you ladies still cannot comprehend what I wrote above. Who cares what shoes go with those beautiful long slender legs belonging to Jessica Alba. Whatever shoes she wears is irrelevant.

Feb 8, 2012

Before During After


In my article titled Children Smartphone KPop published in November 2011 , I mentioned that my favorite eldest daughter while DURING her SPM exams attended the 2PM KPop Live Concert at Stadium Negara. She had sat for SAT I, months BEFORE her SPM exams, and in October 2011 prior to turning age 17, she also took the SAT II Chemistry and MATH II BEFORE her SPM examinations. And the best part is she only bought SAT II books a week before the SAT II test  date! 

At the request of a reader by the nick of kitamsia, I wrote an article titled Children Education Path in December 2011. In this said article, I mentioned:

Age 18 - enter a US university with SPM and SAT and graduate in 4 years time at age 21- 22 years old. Most of the top US Universities application closes in November or December and the students only enter as Freshman in August the following year. So if you want your child to enter a top US University right after SPM, he or she has to sit for TOEFL, SAT I and SAT II before November when your child takes his/her SPM exams. Or your child can enter an American Degree Program in our local college in January after his SPM and transfer some credits earned here. 

Well, my daughter applied to two top Universities in the USA BEFORE she sat for her SPM with her SAT I and SAT II scores, besides TOEFL. Like I mentioned, application for TOP US Universities close in November or December; therefore, my daughter had to complete her applications and send them in even BEFORE she started sitting for her SPM exams so that her application can be processed DURING her SPM examinations dates. And right AFTER SPM exams she'll know if she has gained a placed in a US University.

Jan 12, 2012

Dragon Ang Pow


I have always liked the Chinese Dragon, and ever since before I turned fifteen years old, there's a Golden Dragon that protects me day and night wherever I am. You see, I wear a gold dragon pendant given by the same uncle whom I mentioned in my article Children Education Path where he told me that knowledge is power.

It is so cool that Pos Malaysia issued a special edition double dragon stamp this year; but, it was sold out at the post office before I could even get one!

Jan 9, 2012

RM1,000,000 Unsecured Credit

I just posted an article at My Credit Cards blog titled "My Credit Cards 2012 - Bye Bye StanChart Bank Visa Infinite" where I posted a photo of My Credit Cards collection as of 1st January 2012. Those of you who have been following my blogs know that I am a fool when it comes to credit cards.

I had always wanted the Standard Chartered Bank Visa Infinite credit card and in October 2010, StanChart was having a promotion for Savings Account, offering 5% interest rate. So I deposited some of my funds to earn 5% for 3 months with SCB and just had to get the SCB VI credit card. Click here to read more about it. Well, after the card was approved, I was surprised that it was credited with RM120, where RM50 was used to offset the RM50 GST, leaving me with an extra RM70 credit in the account :) So, all in all, I gained RM70 with the SCB VI, pretty good deal. Well, actually I earned RM140 because my wife also opened her own savings account and applied for her own principal SCB VI.

Jan 1, 2012

Malaysia Latest Fixed Deposit Interest Rates 2012


UPDATE - I have consolidated all my blogs to a main blog named GenX GenY GenZ :

Major commercial and foreign banks Fixed Deposit Board and the Latest Promotion Interest Rates shall be posted and updated in this new blog. Click here to my FIXED DEPOSIT PAGE at GenX GenY GenZ to see the latest FD interest rates being offered by banks in Malaysia.

Since FD rates do fluctuate and banks having promotions frequently nowadays, I thought no point of starting a new blog just for FD since past history rates are immaterial to most of us. Therefore, instead I will post the latest and current Fixed or Time Deposit rates offered by Malaysia banks and latest promotional rates too, here in this blog under a permanent  PAGE called FIXED DEPOSIT . 

For a start here, below is what you will see at the FIXED DEPOSIT PAGE (as of 1 st January 2012), the next time you want to find out the latest fixed deposit interest rates, just click on the FIXED DEPOSIT page as shown in the screenshot above.

[5 January 2012 @ 5.30pm, Notice: For Latest Info on FD Interest Rates, please visit my FIXED DEPOSIT Page as shown in screenshot above.  ]

Malaysia Major Commercial Banks and Foreign Banks Fixed Deposit / Time Deposit Rates as of January 2012.
Bank - FD rates for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. Click on the banks below go to the bank's relevant site to check out for yourself the latest interest rates.

Dec 24, 2011

Singapore Tropical Christmas

I love going to Singapore Orchard Road in December as the place will be decorated with Christmas decorations. The atmosphere is merry as there are like millions of people shopping like nobody's business and the streets are crowded but in an orderly fashion. Actually, I take my children almost every year end to Singapore and used to drive there but now we have budget airlines, so for the last 3 years we flew there instead. 

We stayed at Orchard road and the girls had a wonderful time shopping whereas we, the boys, waited like fools for them.

This time we did not go to Sentosa Island as we went there last year to Universal Studios, instead we spent half a day at the Singapore Flyer on the second day we were in Singapore. 

Dec 16, 2011

Johor Premium Outlets

Last Monday, since I was so damn bored, I offered to chauffeur my mum, wife and two daughters to Johor Premium Outlets in my Mazda 8 MPV. The journey from Sg. Besi Tol to the Johor Premium Outlets took me about three and a half hours. I was driving at speeds up to 160km/hr on certain stretches of the highway, tailgating others and stopped for about half an hour for breakfast at Ayer Keroh rest area. 

The directions to the Johor Premium Outlets mall in Kulai is pretty easy if you are on the North-South Expressway. Take Exit 253 which takes you to the second link to Singapore and you will immediately reach a toll booth. After the toll booth, keep left and immediately take the first left exit and within a couple of minutes you will see Johor Premium Outlets on your left.

Dec 4, 2011

Children Education Path

Recently, a reader whom goes by the nickname of kitamsia commented at my post titled Children Smartphone KPop the following:

kitamsia said...
hi Gen X,

Congratulations on all your very brilliant kids!
Could you share some advise on charting out children's education path, e.g do they attend govt school/intl/private/chinese..
How did you planned for education path? 
Your kids took SPM and to do this both..?
Could definitely learn something from you!
November 29, 2011 5:56 PM 

And my reply to above

GenX said...
kitamsia, it is not so much that my kids are brilliant, it is more like they inherited my genes and brains, hahaha.

I don't think I am the best person to ask for advise on children's education path (as you calls it), because there is no right or wrong education path but more on the child's attitude. If the child got no interest in studying, sent him or her to the most expensive school also waste of time. On the other hand, a child who has no money to buy workbooks and needs to help the family for survival (say helping his/her hawker parents) can become the top student of Malaysia. 

Actually, I have written much more, you know lah, I long winded, and the reply became damn long. So I just deleted my comments and decided that I write a full freaking long winded article to be titled Children Education Path (or similar title) over the week end. Stay tune....
November 30, 2011 12:27 AM


Actually, many of my previous articles have touched on the subject on children's education directly or indirectly.


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